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  Music of the World
A highlight of this year's Friendship Festival will be Roger Tweiten's presentation Music of the World.

"Roger Tweiten's World Music Presentation for children is a wonderful, multi-sensory experience. He uses puppets, recorded music, singing, and moving to music along with his extensive collection of folk instruments from his travels around the world. Roger did presentations for all my students in grades K-5, and all were thrilled and excited about the music and instruments he was sharing with them. Roger geared his presentations to the grade level in front of him. I highly recommend this presentation to anyone interested in seeing and learning more about folk instruments from around the world."
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Many Cultures, One Community; Music the International Language. June 23-24, 2006, Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. Sponsored by the Pelican Rapids Multi-Cultural Committee and the Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce. Taste, listen to and meet the world...without leaving town.

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